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Statement form Stafford Medical Group 21 June 2021

Stafford Medical Group has taken the decision to no longer use the AskmyGP system. 

We appreciate the AskmyGP system has been liked by many patients, but it has increased the demand on the surgery to such a level that the GPs are unable to cope with the high workload and this potentially can compromise the level of care we provide to our patients. 

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Before turning up to your GP practice, contact them online by an app or phone to be assessed.
GP practices have measures in place to minimise risk from coronavirus. If you require a face-to-face appointment you will be advised on what to do.

Vaccine Update

There is no longer any concern about having a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine if you have a history of allergies except in very exceptional circumstances. When the covid vaccinations were first rolled out a year ago, the approach was very conservative and we had supplies of Astra Zeneca vaccines for those with a history of allergy.

The current policy is that unless you have a documented case of anaphylaxis due to vaccine, you are deemed safe to have Moderna or Pfizer.

Locally we do not have any supplies of Astra Zeneca and only have Moderna or Pfizer. We are aware that 119 have told patients we can provide them with a letter so they can get AZ. This is not true. We can only deal with queries from those who have had an anaphylactic response to a vaccine (this does not apply to allergies to drugs).

If you really would like to get an Astra Zeneca vaccine, our best advice is to attend one of the walk-in clinics listed here. Each walk-in clinic states which vaccines they have available. There is no need to book, just attend. We apologise that we are unable to help you get an Astra Zeneca vaccine at present.

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